Power and Utilities Services
We help power and utilities organizations maximize the opportunities of the industry by providing accounting, business process, cost-of-service, expert witness, and rates consulting services and online training
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Utility Accounting Education Specialists provides solutions to help your organization maximize the opportunities of the power and utilities industry

How we help clients

  • Cost-of-service and rate design studies
  • Expert witness services
  • Accounting and reporting consulting
  • Business process analysis
  • Team training
We are passionate about serving the power and utilities industry! Our goal is to share our industry accounting, business process, cost-of-service, rates, and strategy experience with you to provide value to your organization and build your team's skills.
Power and Utilities Solutions
Why choose Utility Accounting Education Specialists?
We know the power and utilities business

Over 30 years of power and utilities experience in accounting, cost-of-service, rates, business processes, and strategy

We provide thought leadership to help you maximize the opportunities of the power and utilities industry

Presenter and instructors at national and state power and utilities organizations, authors of articles, textbooks, on-demand and on-site training classes

We provide a practical approach to your everyday challenges

Practical solutions for complex issues

Services designed with a practical approach to your business
Power and Utilities Consulting Services
Cost-of-Service Analysis and Rate Design

You would like rates that are equitable and defensible for all customers. We use industry best-practices to provide electric, gas, water, wastewater, and broadband studies that analyze the costs to serve customers and design rates based on your unique operating characteristics and customer mix.

Expert Witness Services

There are times you will need an independent analysis and voice for electric rate or other approvals before your Board or other regulatory bodies. We provide expert witness support and testimony in hearings and depositions in support of your rate case, in contract disputes, arbitration, or on a variety of accounting matters.

Accounting and Business Process Consulting

You may find that sometimes the "official" accounting standards need interpretation to make them practical for business use. We use our knowledge of industry best-practices to provide solutions for complex accounting issues, FERC implementation, or business processes.

Training plus live meetings and discussions for your pressing issues
Premium Membership

A membership plan give you instant access to all current and future courses, and a live one-on-one monthly discussion on your pressing issues!

  • Access to all online/on-demand courses.
  • Monthly live on-on-one meetings with you and your team of your questions on FERC and NARUC accounting, cost-of-service, rates, application of accounting principles, accounting issues for electric, gas, water, wastewater, and broadband utilities; and any other topics you'd like to discuss.
Enhance your team's value and career skills through industry training
Online/On-demand Power and Utilities Accounting, Business Process, and Strategy Courses
Online/On-demand Courses
Courses in accounting, financial reporting, rates, and business processes plus learning paths for Board Members, new employees, and experienced team members provide insights your team members can use to add value to your organization.
Article Library
Articles and case-studies are written based on actual co-op and utility practices, giving practical advice and insights in applying accounting and financial reporting, construction accounting, utility rates, processes, and long-term trends in the power and utilities industry.

Free Resource Library
The Resource Library includes customizable spreadsheets, templates, checklists, and guides you can use right after downloading the resources.

Russ Hissom, CPA

I am passionate about the electric, water, wastewater, gas, and broadband business! I work with electric co-ops and utilities in helping them improve efficiencies in accounting and reporting, cost of service and rate development, training, and business processes.

My goal is to share what I have learned about industry best practices in serving your organization. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to learn more about the issues you want to address in your organization and how I can help you remedy those challenges.

Works with co-ops and utilities across the US and Canada
Presenter and instructor for American Public Power (APPA), American Waterworks Association (AWWA), Edison Electric Institute (EEI), American Gas Association (AGA), and state industry organizations
Experience includes rate studies, FERC accounting implementation, business process reviews, and expert witness testimony before FERC, state commissions, and in arbitration proceedings
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